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More About Misophonia

A Handbook

“I will kill you if you bite that apple one more time.”
“The way you eat is driving me TO-TAL-LY crazy!”
OMG. Stop it, stop it, stop it, please die!”

Peculiar thoughts? Not for a misophonic. Misophonia has only recently been described by the medical world and is an unknown and misunderstood disorder for many. The extreme reaction to specific sounds, especially mouth and throat sounds can be life-disruptive. Worldwide, scientific research is scarce. A great deal is therefore not yet known.

However, it is evident that misophonia is a real and serious limitation and often has major consequences for misophonics and their (working) environment. With this book Renske Schut wants to bundle as much information as possible about the disorder and treatment – as far as is known. She consulted scientists, specialists, experience experts and clinicians, and wrote ‘More about Misophony’. Experience stories of misophonics and their loved ones reveal the impact on various areas. With ‘More about Misophonia’ the author hopes to create understanding for the people who suffer from misophonia, but also for their loved ones.

Renske Schut is a Dutch author and a photographer. She is misophonic and understands the feelings and problems that misophonia brings like no other. She also wrote the book ‘Huntington’s Hell’ (2016).

‘More about Misophonia’ is a translated and revised version of her successful Dutch paperback (2018). This handbook was featured in most Dutch media. Schut was also invited to the most popular Dutch late-night talkshow ‘Pauw’.


“This excellent and well-written, expert and versatile publication is, besides sufferers, suitable for practitioners, those around the patient, anyone who wishes to improve understanding of this condition and for all those interested in psychiatry and psychology.”
Drs. Ben Baeter – NBD Biblion


“This book is a must for family members. You will get a glimpse into the phenomenon of misophonia. Our daughter is now 25 years old, we have always given her space regarding misophonia. What is described in this book has given us even more insight into misophonia. While reading this book I asked my daughter if she used to feel like strangling me. She answered in an affirmative way. But she could never say it out loud to the mother who was dear to her but whom she wished dead now and then.”


“I am the mother of a sweet misphonic son. Great book, gave me a lot of information. My son always has his supervisors and counsellors reading it.”


“This unique book covers everything you want to know about the condition, including stories of experience. Tips and tricks are shared. Experiences are highlighted on both sides: misophonics and partner or family members will speak. It is a fascinating book, not complicated anywhere and contains a good dose of humour. Because of its completeness, it can definitely be called a handbook. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to know more about this disorder!”
Mw. M. van Drunen, recesent


“This book opened up a world for me, but especially for my wife. She used to tell me to act grown up or to just concentrate on something else. We get along much better now she has more understanding.”



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